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The PocketPlug Case Charges Phones from Any Outlet

  Everyone has known the frustration of a phone running out of juice at the worst possible time. Prong has developed a case charger that makes charging your hungry device as easy as finding a wall outlet. PocketPlug combines two essential smartphone accessories offering physical protection for your device with the functionality of a case charger. The phone attaches to an internal connector within the case and when the two prongs on the back of the case are extended, any wall outlet will charge the phone. The case will work with any worldwide voltage compatibility of 100-240V and 50-60Hz [...]

Haloband Controls Commonly Used Smart Phone Functions

  Near field communication (NFC) is nothing new for smart phone users especially when they want to transfer information quickly. Taking full advantage of NFC for simple phone control actions and making the phone easier to use requires a Haloband. Haloband is a wearable and comfortable medical grade silicone bracelet worn on the wrist for activating smart phone functions as a phone control. Inside the band are three NFC chips: two that are used for creating tap combinations, the third chip accesses the cloud for identity and personal information, something truly unique to the Haloband. Using the Haloband app, [...]

ION Glasses Smart Frames for Mobile Device Control

  If glasses make you look smarter, just imagine how you will look wearing smart glasses. The ION Glasses smart frame give the wearer fashionable geek chic interaction with their mobile devices. ION Glasses is a smart frame that use a simple two-button control system and a multi-color LED to interact with your smartphone or tablet. The controller is located in the right arm of the frame and communicates wirelessly through Bluetooth with the wearer's smart device. The buttons are programmed through the ION app to control phone functions like the camera, music selection or other remote tasks. From [...]

Point and Shoot Accurate Reality Measuring with Spike

  Measuring something accurately really depends on how much time you have. Surveying can take days, you could break out a tape measure, pace it off, guess, or, you could just Spike it using laser measuring. Spike is a clip-on smartphone accessory that works with precision laser measuring of objects in the world around you and then augment what you capture into 3D models. Spike works by tying together smart phone capabilities, like the camera and GPS with onboard lasers, a compass, a three-axis magnetometer and Bluetooth all coordinated through a smartphone app. Spike can measure the distance to [...]

Auranova Offers Ladies a Stylish Bluetooth Headset Option

  There really is nothing sexy or comfortable about a Bluetooth headset for your phone hanging in your ear. A new approach from Too Much Innovation, or TMI, is making the Bluetooth headset a fashion accessory for the ladies that is not only stylish but also extremely functional. The Auranova works like any other Bluetooth headset only disguised as a fashionable necklace for women. The necklace has two cords, one for supporting and centering the pendant and another that has a 2.5mm jack on one end and a hidden earpiece on the other. When a call is received, the [...]

Speak Twenty-Five Languages Instantly with Sigmo

  Imagine your employer just sprung a business trip on you or maybe you want to surprise your spouse with a trip to a foreign country. You might have time to learn a few phrases, hiring a translator is not economical, walking around with a book is not going to work and there is never a Babel fish tank around when you need one. A better option would be to grab a Sigmo. Sigmo is a small device that acts like a smartphone headset only this device can translate between twenty-five languages, breaking down barriers to foreign travel. It [...]

Structure Sensor Captures 3D Reality Scans on Your iPad

  Check It Out or Buy on   Capturing a photo of a room or object is great if you just want to convey a visual representation. If you want to model, measure or explore in virtual reality, you need a spatial computing solution and a new product from Occipital is bringing that technology to your mobile device. The Structure Sensor is a clip-on 3D vision system for the iPad that quickly captures real objects in digital form. It works by emitting infrared light from LEDs to create a uniform pattern of invisible [...]

Pressy Adds a Smart Button to Your Smart Phone

  Check It Out or Buy on   When it comes to performing a task quickly, hitting a button is the way to get it done. That is the thinking behind Pressy, a very low profile button for your smart phone. Pressy is a button plugin for your smartphone's headphone jack. It does what you would expect a button to do, perform a task instantly when pressed only Pressy can be programmed for more than that. Right out of the box, Pressy when paired with the free app can do several things. Click [...]

HOLHO Holographic Projection Systems for Smart Devices

  The ability to turn your smart phone or tablet into a holographic projector for just thirty bucks may sound like science fiction. Imagination Farm is going to make it a fact later this year with holographs from your device with their HOLHO holographic pyramid. HOLHO is a holographic pyramid for smartphones and tablets that create an optical illusion hologram from photos and videos. The full pyramid systems are design to either place on top or under a device where the projected image is reflected off the sides of the pyramid creating the holographic illusion in the center. The [...]