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KeyMe Turns Your Smart Phone into a Key Locker

  Suddenly finding yourself locked out because of a misplaced key is not a good feeling. With the KeyMe mobile app on your smart phone, you might never be locked out again. KeyMe is free downloadable key locker app for iOS that stores a scanned copy of the physical keys you need to access your secure areas. To get started, take a key off your keychain, place it on a white sheet of paper and scan the key to create a digital key signature. If you find yourself locked out and need a new key, you can take the [...]

Improved Phone and Tablet Photos and Video with iBlazr

  Check It Out or Buy on   Smart phones and tablets have put a photo and video camera in just about every pocket and are great at capturing, "you gotta see this" pics. If you want to take better, professional shots, you need a real light source that works with your device. iBlazr is a small light source that uses your device's audio jack to get the lighting you need for better photos and video. Just because the device is small, the lighting it provides with the four LEDs is real, giving [...]

Secure Your Cell Phone Privacy with an OFF Pocket

  The reports of snooping on your cell phone activity, your location and even the ability to turn on the microphone remotely are serious cell phone privacy violations that you can take action against with an OFF Pocket. The OFF Pocket is a simple solution to cell phone privacy violations using a high performance shielding soft metal fabric. To use the OFF Pocket just put your phone inside, close the top and secure the closure with the two elastic straps. The internal shielding blocks all cellular frequencies, all network protocol communications, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and is rated at over [...]

Lumu Reads Exact Light for Video and Photo Shoots

  Anyone can take a photo or video; capturing a great shot requires a light meter knowing your lighting conditions exactly. Lumu takes the guesswork out of reading your environment so you can grab great moments on, "film". Lumu is a compact light meter that plugs directly into the audio jack of an Android or iOS smart device. While most devices have a light meter built-in, when it comes to photography, the meter is not sensitive enough. Lumu has the spectral response of the human eye and is more accurate than most light meters. The luminance range of the [...]

The Credit Card Sized Micro-Phone Backup Cell Phone

  We have all done it, left the house without our technology leashes on. Our mobile life and the way we communicate have become such a standard that not having your phone can actually make you panic. For that reason, having a small, inexpensive second mini card cell phone can come in handy. That is the thinking behind the Micro-Phone mini card cell phone, a phone that is almost the size of a credit card. It works with any global system for mobile communications network and is small enough to fit in a commonly carried item like a purse [...]

Locate Anything with the BluTracker Bluetooth GPS Locator

  If your dog is a jail-breaker or you have ever had a hard time locating your car, the long range BluTracker might be what you need. BluTracker is a small Bluetooth GPS locator that has a range of up to 2500 feet and when combined with their free app provides accurate location information to ten feet. It works by using specially modified RF amplifiers and an omnidirectional long-range antenna to broadcast with Bluetooth 4.0 the GPS location of the device. The app lets you see the device relative to your position on Google Maps and even lets you [...]

The 27-Inch Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Tabletop Tablet PC

  While other tablet manufacturers are going mini, Lenovo is going big, really big. The Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon is a full 27-inch tabletop tablet computer that provides a multi-user shared computing experience allowing two or more people to use the screen at the same time. Let's get the specs out of the way. This is a personal tablet computer built for performance. An NVIDIA GeForce 620 video card with up to two gigabytes of video ram powers the 27-inch full high-definition display. Depending on the model you choose, the third generation Intel Core i-processors combined with up to 8 [...]

Tap and Talk or Access Your Phone Commands with CommBadge

  Science fiction has been the inspiration for several devices we use in our everyday lives. The communicator from Star Trek evolved into the cell phone and now the communication badge is ready to join our reality. The CommBadge is a wearable speakerphone for your Android or iPhone that pairs with your device like any other Bluetooth headset. Once connected, users can simply tap the device to make or answer calls, send text messages or access your phone’s voice commands. The design of the CommBadge even directs the sound from the device so only the wearer can hear the [...]

Yellow Jacket is an Absolutely Stunning Cell Phone Case

  When it comes to self-defense and personal safety, you have a number of legal options. The Yellow Jacket stun gun phone case gives you one more and turns your cell phone case into a stun gun. The Yellow Jacket stun gun phone case was designed with two goals in mind. The first is to protect your phone with a hardened, impact resistant outer case. The second is to protect you in a defensive situation. Inside the case is a 650-kilovolt stun gun that when activated can incapacitate an attacker for a few minutes giving you time to escape. [...]