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Foodini Prints Food for Amazing 3D Plating Presentation

  You have some options if you are in the mood for pizza: you could have one delivered, go to the store and pick one up or, you could just print one out. Foodini is going to change the way food is prepared both professionally and in our own kitchens. Foodini is a 3D printer for food that can be used to create visually appealing food designs that would normally take skill to make. Cooks interact with the appliance through a touch-screen interface that allows them to access an online recipe box and community site, set up the machine [...]

AirBulb Turns Any Lamp into a Wireless Speaker

  Wireless Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes and with the introduction of the AirBulb, they now come in different brightness. AirBulb fits any standard socket providing light where you need it with six high-powered LEDs and bringing music to any room wirelessly as a light speaker. Setting up the AirBulb is almost as easy as changing a light bulb, just screw it in, download the free app and pair the bulb to your smart device. The application enables control of two AirBulbs for stereo sound, gives the ability to turn the light on, off or even [...]

Illuminate a Dark Room with a SnapPower Guidelight

  Check It Out or Buy on   Plugging nightlights in all over is not going to do much for your decor even though they help navigate a dark house. The SnapPower Guidelight gives you a sensible lighting alternative at any outlet, and reminds me of a movie theater. The SnapPower Guidelight looks like a typical outlet cover in every way except with the added benefit of three LED lights that work with a photo-sensor, turning on in dark conditions. The wall plate installs in a few minutes with no wiring knowledge needed [...]

Get a Mobile Alert from Postybell when the Mail Arrives

  It is a disappointing feeling when you take the time to walk all the way down to your mailbox, only to open it and find the daily delivery has not yet arrived. Postybell will save you a trip, and some time, letting you know when there is mail in your mailbox. Postybell is a small motion detection package placed in the postal box that alerts the owner when the door opens indicating a delivery. It uses the Global System for Mobile Communications, or GSM standard and a smartphone application that can track multiple units in different boxes anywhere. [...]

The Roku Streaming Stick Mobile to HD Television Option

  Check It Out or Buy on   If you are looking for an option in high-definition streaming from your mobile device to your television but do not want to give up your remote control, the Roku Streaming Stick is your solution. The Roku Streaming Stick plugs directly into the HDMI port of your high-definition television and enables the viewing of movies, pictures or music from your mobile device. It comes with its own RF remote that does not have to be pointing at the television, or users can download an app to [...]

The Magic Ring That Gives You Complete Device Control

  A person wakes up and finds a magic ring on their nightstand that, when worn, suddenly gives them the power to control their surroundings by making simple gestures. It sounds like a movie idea, but it is not, with the introduction of the Ring. Ring is a gesture control device for Bluetooth enabled appliances and smart devices giving the wearer the ability to control their surroundings. By drawing certain symbols in the air with your finger or by actually spelling out text using the unique Ring Font, actions can be sent to smart devices and appliances in a [...]

Sammy Screamer Alerts When Your Items Get Moved

  When most people think of a motion sensor, they think of a device that monitors an area for movement. Sammy Screamer is a motion sensor that detects when a specific object has been moved. Sammy Screamer is a small motion sensor that can be attached to almost any object with a clip, string or even magnetically. It uses Bluetooth to communicate to a smartphone application with a range of up to 150 feet allowing the user to set sensitivity and volume through the intuitive interface. When the object the device is monitoring moves, Sammy Screamer alarms with an [...]

Fin Thumb Ring for Gesture-Based Device Control

  Being able to control devices from across the room is getting a thumbs-up from wearable tech with the new Fin, a gesture control ring that that will have your devices talking to your hand. Fin is a ring worn on the thumb that enables gesture control of remote devices by touching segments of different fingers. It uses Bluetooth to communicate commands to connected devices based on which segment of each finger is touched. By using a smart device app, commands can be assigned to the Fin and just by motion of your thumb perform actions like changing the [...]

Lynx Smart Grill Combines Grilling with Smart Device Control

  Check It Out or Buy on   Guys are serious about their technology toys and their skills at the grill. Combining the two was only a matter of time with the Lynx Smart Grill. The Lynx Smart Grill looks like a premium modern patio grill with all the extras. The grilling surface is a huge 877 square-inch cooking area with four independent brass-burner cooking zones, variable infrared sear technology and a half-spit rotisserie system. This grill does not just sit on your patio; it connects to your wireless network to access an [...]