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Trinity Charges Mobile Devices Using Wind Power

  Remote mobile device charging systems have usually focused on portable solar options or emergency power storage. Trinity is a new idea in charging that uses the power of the wind to create clean energy for any mobile device. Trinity is a portable fifteen-watt generator that charges an internal 15,000-milliamp hour battery using wind power to spin three blades. The system unfolds from a twelve-inch cylinder to a tripod supported personal windmill in just a few seconds. The legs are adjustable; laying completely flat depending on the location and in any configuration can be staked down for added stability. [...]

The Micro 3D Printer Gives Everyone the Power to Create

  Breaking into the world of 3D printing can seem overwhelming with barriers from CAD modeling expertize to cost. The Micro 3D printer is shattering those barriers with a system for everyone designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The Micro 3D printer is a small 7.5-inch cube that installs in minutes by connecting to a computer through USB. Micro holds half-a-pound of standard 1.75 millimeter ABS or PLA material on the spool located under the print bed, or users can feed the material externally to the top of the extruder. Printing objects is as easy as selecting [...]

GateKeeper Locks Your Computer when You are AFK

  Check It Out or Buy on   From office environments to dorm rooms it is never a good idea to have your computer unlocked when you are away, inviting anyone to access your information. The GateKeeper makes sure that when you are away your computer is locked. GateKeeper is a very small FOB computer lock that you can attach to your keychain, backpack, employee identification badge holder or just keep it in your pocket. It works with a USB dongle on the system and using Bluetooth wireless with AES encryption monitors signal [...]

MakeVR Replaces Complicated CAD Software for 3D Modeling

  Using a CAD-based modeling software package to create 3D models involves a lot of time and effort, quickly limiting beginners to downloadable designs. Sixense has a new approach that puts the design process within everyone's reach. MakeVR is a modeling software package that simplifies the process of designing a 3D object opening the doors to create without learning a complicated CAD package. The system uses two STEM System Controllers that are included with MakeVR to move and manipulate objects in a 3D virtual environment space. Beginning designers can load primitive shapes or templates from the extensive library to [...]

uArm Puts Robotic Automation Fun on Your Desktop

  Sometimes we could all use a hand and other times, we need the whole arm. uArm from uFactory allows robotic arm enthusiasts to transform their desk into an automated miniature industrial fun-zone. uArm is an Arduino-controlled four-axis robotic arm that attaches to any smooth surface like a desk or floor. The arm uses three servomotors near the base to control the main movement of the arm with a fourth motor at the end of the arm to rotate objects. The arm is controlled through a Windows-based application allowing the user to move the arm and interact with objects [...]

Stay Connected and Charge with a StrongVolt Solar SmartCharger

  Check It Out or Buy on   Solar panel mobile device charging is a great solution when there is no access to power or when the power is out, but even these devices have their frustrations. New technology from StrongVolt makes your solar panel charger more reliable, staying connected to your device as the environment changes. The StrongVolt SmartCharger system is a new kind of solar panel charging device that uses their SunTrack technology to keep your device connected during charging. Using this new technology, the SmartCharger automatically reconnects your charging device [...]

Coin Stores Your Credit Cards on One Convenient Smart Card

  Check It Out or Buy on   Every card in your wallet from credit cards to loyalty cards does basically the same thing and with the same strip technology, so why build a bulging collection when you can get a device that stores your cards on one card. Coin is a credit card sized storage device that works in the exact same way as the rest of the cards you already carry. It uses a smartphone app and a credit card reader that comes with the Coin to simply swipe and store [...]

Tie Internet Connections Together with a Multipath Router

  I have never really stopped and thought about how many different ways I connect to the Internet until I discovered a new product from Multipath Networks that ties all those internet connectivity options together. The Multipath Router is a new way to connect to the Internet that ties together up to four different internet connectivity options like 3G, 4G, cable and DSL. It works like any other router would and will automatically configure each pathway to the Internet that you connect. Setting up the router is very simple, just connect your primary internet connection and any cell phones [...]

FlameStower is Portable Power from Any Open Flame

  Check It Out or Buy on   Mobile devices have forever changed the backcountry camping experience, and with the new FlameStower, happy campers all over the wild will be able to keep those devices charged. FlameStower is a portable and lightweight USB charging system bringing you a backcountry charging option for your phone, GPS, LED light or any portable device. It works by converting the thermal energy of a campfire or stove into usable power by heating a blade on one end and using water reservoir cooling the other end creating a [...]