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Mobile Devices Get Their Own Outlet with SnapPower

  Check It Out or Buy on   I recently discovered a new term, "Wall Warts". You probably have them in your house; mobile device chargers that make furniture placement impossible and tie-up outlets while your device grabs some power. SnapPower has designed a cure for wall warts: an outlet wall cover offering a low profile built-in charging port for any device that uses USB charging cables. The cover uses two prongs on the inside of the plate to draw power from the existing receptacle wiring screws making installation as easy as removing the old cover and snapping in the new. Each charger provides a [...]

Clean Cup Defunks Beer Pong Balls for Kinder Makes

  Check It Out or Buy on   You sink it and they drink it. Those are the rules of beer pong that you have to live by when that filthy dirty ball lands in your cup, making a rough night of Beer Pong harder to swallow. Clean Cup is finally showing beer pong players some of the love that golfers have been enjoying for years, the ability to wash their balls. Clean Cup is very easy to use; just drop the ball in, press a button and in about five seconds the ball is defunked and ready to toss. The unit sprays water on [...]

Ryo Adapter Connects USB Correctly Every Time

  USB ports have been around for about twenty years and with the advent of something so revolutionary in how we connect device to systems, so came the USB dance. You know the dance, the constant flipping of the connector trying to figure out which way to correctly insert the cable or drive without damaging either. Ryo is a life hack that makes connecting any USB cable or drive a snap with a reversible connector that fits any standard USB port. The small device bridges between the connected device and the system, and with its rubberized case, stays securely fastened. Ryo comes in both black and white to match any cable, [...]

Smart Rope for Fitness is Not Your Playground Jump Rope

  Check It Out or Buy on   I hit the treadmill three times a week and stay fit with weight training, so when I found the Smart Rope and learned that jumping rope can be a more beneficial workout than running, I had to investigate. Smart Rope is more than a jump rope evolved; it is a totally new piece of workout gear. As the name implies, it uses Bluetooth to communicate with a smartphone application for tracking metrics like jumps, time and calories with the ability to track and socially share workouts. What makes the Smart Rope impressive is the way it provides [...]

Automatic Mechanical Bicycle Tire Inflation with Pump Hub

  Every time I go for a ride, I check my tire pressure. It is a hassle, but I know it prevents flats, damage to the tires and gives me a better ride. Pump Hub is an innovative idea that will soon give me one less thing to worry about when I hit the road. Pump Hub is a mechanical air pump inside the wheel hub that uses tire rotation to inflate and maintain desired wheel pressure. The system can be installed on most bike and wheelchair wheels and is adjustable from 40 to 125 psi, covering almost every riding condition from singletrack to road racing. Riders activate the system by [...]

Lock Your Valuables with Safe Box for the Beach

  Hitting the beach for the day is a great escape although we still need things like cell phones, money, keys and other necessities that can get lost in the sand or worse, stolen. Adding a Safe Box for the Beach to your day-trip gear can make a summer day get-a-way worry-free. Safe Box for the Beach is more than just a box for your stuff; it is a dug in, locked down and secure option to protect your valuables that also supports an umbrella. Safe Box uses a long auger screw that twists deep into the sand and a mounting bolt that attaches the box from inside so that when [...]

Coolest Clock Turns Walls into Projection Clocks

  Wall clocks fit your decor and can tell you the time however with a Coolest Clock, your wall clock can look any way you want and provide more information than just time at a glance as a projection clock. Coolest Clock is a wall-mountable RBG LED projection system that displays a 16:9 aspect ratio image of information. The clock uses a smartphone application for customizing the, "smart faces" of the clock allowing the displayed image to match the room or your mood. With built in Wi-Fi, anything from social media posts, sports scores, inspirational quotes and current weather or news can be displayed on the image, keeping you up-to-date and [...]

Lightors Batteries Recharge Through Built-In Micro USB

  In any device that uses batteries for power, like game controllers, remote controls or clocks, using rechargeable batteries is eco-smart and saves money. Lightors will also save wall outlet space and time spent searching for a battery charger. Lightors are rechargeable batteries, which is not amazingly new technology however these rechargeable batteries eliminate the need for a wall charger. The batteries are designed around the double-A and triple-A form factors and contain a nickel-hydride battery that is charged through a micro USB connection built into the cell. The double-A cell has a 1500 milliamp-hour charge capacity, 600 for the triple-A, which is about equal to most general purpose batteries or [...]

The All-Terrain Storm E-Bike goes Fifty Miles on a Charge

  There have been several ideas and prototypes for e-bikes in recent years and now, it looks like there is a Storm coming later this year. Storm is an e-bike with big backing that could make it a widely available product by the end of the year. The most eye-catching part of Storm is the all-terrain wheels giving the bike dominance over sand, snow and rocky terrain while providing a smooth riding experience. Those wheels can be powered by pedaling or by Storm's 350-watt gear motor that can propel the bike at up to twenty miles per hour. The motor draws its power from a swappable lithium ion battery pack giving [...]