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Signal and Be Seen with Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

  >>> Grab This Product on Today! <<<   Everywhere people ride bicycles on roads meant for cars requires the rider signal when turning, following the rules of the road. Zackees Turn Signal Gloves gives the rider more visibility when signaling, making bicycling safer. Zackees Turn Signal Gloves use super bright LEDs in the shape of an arrow on the back of the gloves giving everyone on the road an indication of the cyclist's next move. The gloves light up when worn on the hands through simple contacts inside the glove and the LEDs automatically adjust to give the rider visibility in any brightness. If the rider needs to [...]

The FlyKly Pedal Assist E-Bike Smart Wheel Hub System

  Riding a bike to work is a great way to save gas and do you small part to save the environment but showing up to work covered in sweat will not earn you any points at the office. FlyKly is a new idea in e-bike technology neatly packaged in a wheel hub design. FlyKly is a pedal assist system that can be installed on just about any bike giving the rider electric power to keep their cruising speed and get where they are going fast. The lightweight nine-pound system including the 250-watt electric motor and 36-volt lithium ion battery array is bundled smartly in a waterproof housing on the back [...]

BitLock Unlocks Your Bike Using a Smart Phone Key

  >>> Grab This Product on Today! <<<   Digging for your lock key that is buried somewhere in your backpack when you are out on your bike is about to be outdated. BitLock is a new bike lock that automatically locks and unlocks when you approach or leave your bicycle. BitLock is a Bluetooth operated bike lock made from reinforced, heat-treated and cut resistant steel wrapped in a protective vinyl covering. It looks on the outside like a typical u-lock; to appreciate what this lock offers you have to look inside the high security and weatherproof disc-style cylinder. BitLock connects to your Android or iOS device through Bluetooth [...]

The Extremely Strong Foldylock Rethinks Bicycle Lock Design

  >>> Grab This Product on Today! <<<   Bike locks come in several varieties from u-shape to long cables, and they are all bulky and awkward to store on your bike. A new idea in bicycle security, the Foldylock, gives riders the assurance they need in a convenient package. The Foldylock is a bicycle lock that folds down into a small package and mounts to the bicycle frame using a vibration and rattle-free case. When unfolded, the lock is about a yard in length giving riders enough extension to secure their bicycle wherever their adventure takes them. Foldylock is constructed using six hardened steel links covered with plastic [...]

Hammerhead is Sleek and Simple Bicycle Navigation

  >>> Grab This Product on Today! <<<   There have been several attempts at bicycle navigation systems primarily focusing on the helmet and heads-up displays. Hammerhead is taking a different route, making bicycle navigation simple and even sharable. Hammerhead is a sleek device for bicycle navigation that simplifies directions while keeping your eyes on the road. The device uses bright RGB LED lighting that can be seen under any lighting condition. With the app, riders program their route and navigation information from their smart phone GPS is sent to the Hammerhead through Bluetooth during the ride. The center light array shows distance to turns, hills or other waypoints, [...]

Convert your Ride with the Ultimate DIY e-Bike Guide

  Converting your pedal bike to an e-bike might sound like a challenge, but with the right guide, it is a project that you can take on and save money. The Ultimate DIY eBike Guide by Micah Toll will get you on the path to making the bike you already own into an e-bike. The book is laid out in a project format from getting started to taking your e-bike for its first cruise and covers a wide range of topics including planning, choosing and purchasing components, putting it all together and even safety and maintenance. The book is not written for engineers, it is for everyday people that want to [...]

Make Your Bike an E-Bike with Rubbee

  Electric vehicles and e-bikes are changing the way we get around and in a responsible green manner. Rubbee is an electric bicycle motor drive system that will e-bike retrofit the bike you already own. Rubbee uses an 800-watt peak power electric motor to power a friction wheel that makes direct contact with your bikes rear tire. Rubbee is very easy to install, just mount the system to the seat post and pull a pin that releases the internal suspension system providing maximum contact with the tire and turn the system on. Riders can control the output of the bicycle motor with a throttle mounted to the handlebars to a top [...]

The Garmin HUD Navigation System Keeps Eyes on the Road

  Fighter pilots depend on their head-up display; looking down for a few seconds could mean life or death. As we are learning, distracted drivers looking at their cell phones and not at the road can have the same dire consequences. Garmin International is putting your eyes back on the road with the release of HUD, a head-up display system designed for smart phone navigation apps. The HUD system projects driving directions onto the windshield using either an included transparent film or an included reflector lens that attaches to the unit. Using Garmin StreetPilot1 for iPhone or NAVIGON for Android and iPhone, the device connects through Bluetooth and will display and [...]

Lumigrids Bicycle Light Shows All Terrain Conditions

  There is no doubt having a quality bicycle light keeps you safe while riding at night. Lumigrids bicycle light not only gives you the visibility you need, it also highlights terrain differences on the road ahead. Lumigrids bicycle light was developed by Sichuan University's Department of Industrial Design with the goal of removing shadows cast from ordinary bike lights when they encounter a deformation in the road. Lumigrids projects an LED grid ahead of the rider that on a flat road will have perfect squares. When the rider encounters terrain that differs in height from the road, like a pothole or curbing, the grid deforms, clearly showing the rider the [...]