Extreme Sports Metrics with the LIT Activity Tracker

Extreme Sports Metrics with the LIT Activity TrackerAt most, a fitness tracker can keep track of distance, direction or steps taken which is great if you are engaged in a sport with walking or running. When you are surfing, skating or even snowboarding, you might want to know hang time, maximum airtime, jumps and even g-forces.

The LIT Activity Tracker from NZN Labs is designed for action sports with unique motions. It works by using an advanced six-axis accelerometer combined with a gyroscope to sense motions any other fitness tracker cannot and then applies a tailored algorithm to score those activities. With extreme sports comes extreme environments, which is why LIT is rugged, water and shock resistant and fastens securely to your wrist or is wearable just about anywhere you want to hide it. When combined with their app, LIT users can compete with their friends, share their stats on popular social sites and even keep track of previous sessions to monitor improvements.

The LIT Activity Tracker is about bragging rights and having fun in the sports you enjoy outside and even during your fitness routine. NZN Labs has an Indiegogo campaign so put up or shut up; toss them 99 bucks and challenge yourself and your friends in the extreme sports you share.