Kapture for Those Have To Be There Moments

Kapture for Those Have To Be There MomentsWe have all been there, hanging out with friends, maybe even over a few beers, when someone says something that is so amazing it has to be remembered. But, what exactly did they say? Kapture is a new wristband voice recorder that is always on and recording so you never miss a moment again.

The Kapture wristband is very easy to use, just strap it on and go about your day. The device uses an omnidirectional solid-state microphone that is constantly recording the last sixty seconds of sounds and conversations going on around you. When you or someone around you stumbles on that next epiphany, just tap the bracelet and the last minute of recording is sent to your smart device using Bluetooth. Using the app, the sound file can be named, tagged, filtered, shortened, and shared with anyone. The internal battery on the Kapture will power the device for more than twenty-four hours and the band is rechargeable through USB.

Kapture not only records your day, it can also put up with your daily activities. It comes in several colors, is made of impact-proof plastic with a medical grade silicon strap for comfort and is water resistant, including the microphone. Kapture is expected to be out by early next year; you can grab one by supporting their Kickstarter for ninety-nine bucks.

Check it out: Kapture Audio