Keyless Entry and Control with the August Smart Lock


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Keyless Entry and Control with the August Smart LockWe have all been there, trying to balance whatever we are carrying while digging for our house key. Wouldn’t it be nice if the door would just unlock for you and only you. A new product from August will do just that.

The August Smart Lock replaces the current lock on your door and uses Bluetooth technology to sense your smart phone. When you are in proximity, the lock automatically unlocks the door. The Smart Lock is powered by two batteries and works in conjunction with an app on your phone. Through the app, you can check who has been in and out of the house, issue keys to friends and family and check the lock status as well as the status of the batteries. You can set keys that work all the time or limit access to the house with keys that only work a few hours on select days.

The August Smart Lock does not require any special wiring or tools and can easily be installed in about ten minutes on most doors. It is designed to be discrete as well as functional, with LEDs that give the lock status on a glance. The Smart Lock will be available later this year and will cost 200 bucks.

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