The Razer Edge Pro is the Most Powerful Tablet in the World!


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The Razer Edge Pro is the Most Powerful Tablet in the World!I am a huge PC gamer. So if I were to tell you I have an Intel Core i7 1.9GHz dual core system with 8 gig of DDR3 RAM, a two gig NVIDIA GeForce graphic card and Dolby Home Theater sound would you guess I was talking about my tablet?

Believe it!

The Razer Edge Pro is more than just a tablet. This is a mobile PC in every sense. It comes with Windows 8 preloaded. If you need a keyboard, they have you covered with a docking station converting the Razer to a notebook PC. Want more of a console? The Razer has a gamepad controller for gaming complete with haptic feedback and direct acoustics. Need to do some work between your gaming, no problem! This is a fully functioning PC that runs any Windows 8 application; no apps required.

The portable form-factor of the Razer Edge Pro makes this the most versatile PC tablet ever and it’s why CNET awarded them co-winner of this year’s International CES Best of Show.

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