Affordable Home Security with a Korner SystemHome security systems are great if you can afford the equipment and subscription fees. Korner wants to change that dynamic giving everyone a low-cost option to feeling safe and secure in his or her own home.

Korner is both affordable and easy to install giving anyone a security option to protect his or her home, office or any property. The system uses tags containing a motion sensor and wireless capabilities that are affixed to the corner of doors and windows. The second piece of the system is a FOB that plugs into a router port on the home wireless network. The tags are keenly tuned to discern between vibration, like a knock at the door or gust of wind sending an alert when actual motion is detected to the FOB. The FOB will then alert by emitting a very loud warning sound and activate the third component of the system, a smart phone application.

The smart phone application does more than notify the user that a potential break in has occurred, it also immediately gives the user an option to call the police and notify neighbors, friends and family. This functionality gives the Korner security system a neighborhood watch role, all without any subscription fees. Korner is currently seeking funds though Indiegogo and targeting a late 2014 release with options for complete home packages starting at just 149 bucks.

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