Aluboo is a Sustainable Aluminum and Bamboo BicycleWhen riders think about racing level custom-made bicycles, their material choices usually do not include bamboo. Boo Bicycles in Fort Collins, Colorado is going to change that with their planet-friendly Aluboo bicycle.

Aluboo is a production bicycle and Boo is a completely customizable bicycle that riders can build starting with the frame. Each frame is custom made-to-order and constructed from aluminum and Vietnamese iron bamboo. Riders can then customize their Boo for several different builds depending on their riding habits, anything from city, road, commuter, mountain biking or even racing and cyclocross. If you want to adjust your build later down the road, the Boo is engineered to, “grow with you” allowing riders to use the same frame to change their build.

The bamboo components of the frame are not just for looks, although you can bet you are going to be asked about it. Iron bamboo is strong and durable, it dampens road vibration and it is light, making the Aluboo a perfect choice for riders looking for quality and performance at any level. Iron bamboo is also sustainable. It grows three feet a day, is a carbon sink second only to algae and is stronger than steel.

The Aluboo Bicycle team has a Kickstarter campaign up and running and they are generating serious interest. If you want to own a performance focused and unique bicycle that you can feel good about, check them out.

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