Big Skinny Wallets Protect Against RFID SkimmingA pickpocket thief today does not even have to lift your wallet to grab your credit card. Big Skinny Wallets block electronic skimming, protecting your plastic purchasing while maintaining a slim design.

Big Skinny Wallets use a thin material that is a poly-blend of copper and nickel incorporated into the wallets design surrounding everything inside in an RFID-blocking Faraday cage. The material used to create this information safety zone is very thin, flexible and even machine washable protecting your cards from skimmers in the ten to three-thousand megahertz range of frequencies. The material has to be thin to combine function with the form of the wallets, which are themselves designed to better organize everything inside, reducing the size from a typical wallet by an average fifty percent when loaded with the same contents.

Big Skinny Wallets will be available in several designs to meet your needs, constructed of either nylon microfiber or top-grain cowhide leather. Big Skinny Wallets are seeking funds on Kickstarter to produce their product with a release date in early 2015; backers can grab a wallet starting at just twenty bucks.

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