Carry on Bluesmart and Connect with Your BagWhen you travel, your carry-on bag should do more than just sit there waiting to board. Bluesmart is the first connected suitcase that will become your personal travel assistant at every leg of your journey.

Bluesmart is a TSA and airline approved smart device connected suitcase that can do a number of tasks taking the hassle and stress out of your next trip. From the moment you pack, the handle has a built in scale that will determine the weight of your bag keeping you within the airline’s limit. The bag can be locked and unlocked from your smart device while maintaining easy access to electronic devices at the security checkpoint. Once through security, there is no need to hug a wall for power while waiting for your flight, the case has a built-in rechargeable battery for all your mobile devices. In addition, if for some reason you become separated from your bag, a location tracker will instantly tell you the location.

Bluesmart surrounds all this technology in a polycarbonate case with waterproof zippers and durable components to survive the rigors of travel. Bluesmart will be competitively priced when it rolls down the jet way in late 2015 with a retail price of about 450 bucks, back their Indiegogo and grab one for a huge discount.

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