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The Noke Padlock Secures Your Stuff with a Smart Key

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   If you have something to secure, there is a good chance that on the outside of that case, locker or storage unit, is a padlock. Noke will do everything that lock can do without keys or remembering a combination. Noke is the next evolution in padlock design that works by using Bluetooth and a smart device application to secure your stuff. Unlocking Noke is as easy as giving it a squeeze, which tells the lock to look for a smart device with the right key and if detected, the lock opens. The application can also [...]

Fire Powers the Elegant Pelty Wireless Speaker

  Romantic dinners start with setting the mood. From the table candle to the selection of music coming from a Bluetooth speaker powered by that same candle, Pelty will be the centerpiece of your occasion. Pelty is a unique and elegant Bluetooth speaker that draws power from the thermal energy of a single burning candle under the unit. The ceramic and glass stand is designed to maximize the heat of the candle to the thermo-electric generator, drawing cool air in from the base and allowing warm air out though the top. The resulting power is enough to drive the high-quality audio, twelve-watt full-frequency speaker for as long as the candle burns. [...]

Capture and Share Perfect Moments Instantly with Lightbox

  It never fails that when you see something that would make the perfect photo or video, by the time you dig out your phone, the moment is gone. With a Lightbox wearable camera, grabbing those moments is easier than ever. Lightbox is a first-person wearable camera capturing or streaming photos, video and audio instantly so you never miss a moment. The camera is only 1.5-inches square and uses a strong magnetic clip to attach just about anywhere becoming your personal life photographer. Lightbox uses an eight-megapixel high-definition sensor to grab photos and videos either by tapping a button or by programming the unit to automatically take images through the app. [...]

Centralize Connected Home Notifications with LaMetric

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Unless you are expecting an important call or email, chances are you are not walking around your house with your smart device. LaMetric is a small light display system that will do much more than alert you of an incoming email; it will centralize notifications for your connected home. LaMetric is a stand-alone light display that pairs with WigWag, SmartThings and Ninja Blocks to provide at-a-glance notifications. It uses one-touch buttons to interact with and respond to notifications, allowing the user to simply press a button when a notification is received to take action, like [...]

Complete Home Connectivity with the Oort System

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Imagine one connectivity system that can help find keys, track people and pets, turn appliances on and off at your home or office, from anywhere in the world. Oort is a new remote control system that will go beyond what people have come to think of remote home connectivity. Oort is a collection of Bluetooth Low Energy devices that use a central hub to monitor just about everything in your life. The hub can be placed in a home or office and uses Wi-Fi to communicate to the Oort cloud (not that Oort cloud) enabling [...]

Qleek Makes Sharing and Streaming Memories Personal

  Holding a photo in your hand is like holding onto a memory and with digital media, that tactile emotional feeling is just not there. Qleek is an innovative streaming idea that makes sharing memories personal again. Qleek is a fun little gadget that instantaneously streams photos, music, videos or any online content. The system can be set-up in one of three ways: either plugging in an HDMI connector to a television, pairing the base through Bluetooth or even connecting through a 3.5-millimeter audio jack. Qleek uses wooden hexagons called, "Tapps" that can be decorated to express the content contained on the block. When a Tapp is placed on the Qleek [...]

Touch-N-Fill Automates Coffee Machine Water Fills

  My morning coffee might be the most important beverage I have all day so when it comes to making a fresh pot, anything that simplifies the process around the coffee machine and rushes that wonderful elixir to my mug, "perks" my interest. Touch-N-Fill is a convenience upgrade to most household coffee machines that automates filling the water reservoir. Touch-N-Fill uses a quick connect tee installed on your refrigerator's water line requiring only a pair of scissors to cut the line for installation. The system uses a control valve that monitors the amount of time the valve is open, closing when the fill is complete and it is adjustable to meet [...]

Affordable Home Security with a Korner System

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Home security systems are great if you can afford the equipment and subscription fees. Korner wants to change that dynamic giving everyone a low-cost option to feeling safe and secure in his or her own home. Korner is both affordable and easy to install giving anyone a security option to protect his or her home, office or any property. The system uses tags containing a motion sensor and wireless capabilities that are affixed to the corner of doors and windows. The second piece of the system is a FOB that plugs into a router port [...]

Replace Old Outlets with WallCharger and Power Everything

  With USB charging becoming the preferred choice of providing power to mobile devices, it makes sense that the next smart home upgrade should be to change out your old wall outlets with a WallCharger. WallCharger is a standard outlet in every way except these outlets also have the ability to charge up your mobile devices without searching for a charger. Each outlet has two regular receptacles for plugging in appliances and two USB ports giving the outlet the advantage of being able to use both sockets when devices are charging. Each outlet carries the certifications needed in the countries where they can be installed with models available for residents of [...]