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Make Your Favorite Footwear Smarter with DigiSole

  At the heart and soul of every serious fitness program is the activity tracker. DigiSole is the tracker you put between you and the world so when you hit the ground running, you can see how you move. DigiSole is a footwear insole motion and activity tracker that uses advanced pressure mapping technology to monitor your every step. The sensors are as thin as a piece of paper and can track performance data with high accuracy based on foot weight distribution in upright activities like walking, running, cycling or in any activity that involves these actions, like golf. The collected data is sent through Bluetooth to a smart device application [...]

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Send One-Touch Emergency Alerts with Silent Beacon

  Emergencies happen every day, which is why having a lifeline device is critical to getting help. Silent Beacon provides that personal emergency alert notification without expensive contracts, activation and monthly service fees. Silent Beacon is a wearable alert device that works in conjunction with an iOS or Android smartphone providing one-touch notification in any emergency. The unit uses Bluetooth to connect with the application and on activation, can provide location details and send mass text and email to a list of contacts, and notify emergency services. Caretakers of the elderly or persons with a medical condition and parents of young children can also see the exact location of the device [...]

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Sense Sleep Monitoring System is Smart Sleeping

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Getting a better night sleep means understanding your sleep patterns and environment. By observing you and the conditions of your bedroom as a sleep monitor, Sense will help you get the rest you need. Sense is a bedside sleep monitor that works without any wearables making analyzing sleep conditions as easy as crawling into bed. The system has three components: the monitor, a small, "Sleep Pill" that attaches to your pillow and a smart device application. The Sleep Pill tracks any movements during the night with an on-board 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, synchronizing that information [...]

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Get a Leg Up on Any Fitness Training with LEO

  Serious workouts need serious analytics with real-time feedback for improvement in any activity. LEO can give you a leg up on your competition as an activity tracker with a complete array of body monitoring to optimize your exercises. LEO is a wearable monitor using electromyography sensors that track muscle signatures to determine different activities and proper technique. The sensors are made of fabric and woven into a cuff that is worn on one or both legs. The sensors can measure muscle activity, including fatigue, targeting, coordination and intensity, biometrics including heart rate, hydration and calories and motion tracking. The complete set of collected data is sent through Bluetooth to a [...]

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Peres Electronically Sniffs Food Detecting Nasty Bacteria

  Smelling food to see if it has gone bad is great if something has really turned, however, most contaminated food will pass this test. Instead of taking a chance with your health, let Peres have a sniff. Peres is an electronic nose that takes a sample of the air near beef, pork, poultry and fish food products and then tests that air for gases produced by harmful bacteria. The device uses four sensors to ensure an accurate test of the sample including temperature, humidity, ammonia and volatile organic compound sensors. Using Bluetooth, the results of the test are sent to a smart device application and presented in easy-to-read graphs with [...]

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Morpher Folding Bike Helmets Save Riders and Space

  Bike sharing systems are changing urban transportation options but without a helmet, riders are taking a big chance with personal safety. No one wants to carry a bulky bike helmet around all the time, which is why Morpher is the solution to spontaneously hitting the road, in a good way. Morpher is a new idea in bicycle safety that unfolds from a compact package into a protective bike helmet that exceeds all relevant safety standards. The helmet is made from materials that not only protect the rider, they also look out for the planet and the helmet is produced green and completely recyclable. Strategic Sports, an OEM helmet manufacturer will [...]

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