Charge and Sanitize Your Device with a PhoneSoap ChargerIf you really want to gross yourself out, have a culture taken from the surface of your smart phone showing all the nasty bugs living there. If you want to do something about them, pick up a PhoneSoap Charger.

The PhoneSoap Charger looks like a small tanning booth for your smart phone but acts as both a phone charger and sanitizer for your device. The specially designed curved inner shell of the case reflects light from two UV-C bulbs sanitizing the entire surface of the device with no more effort than the way you typically charge your phone. The charger uses no chemical or other solution application and stays cool, destroying all the unwanted guests living on your device without damaging your phone in any way. The PhoneSoap Charger will also charge and sanitize anything that fits inside the shell and has a cord compartment so you can use any USB cable specific to your device for charging.

The entire sanitizing process takes only about four minutes while your phone charges with an external LED that provides notification that the UV-C lights are in operation, automatically switching them off when cleaning is complete. The charger is also designed so that any alerts or alarms can be heard from the phone while in the case so you will not miss an important notification. The PhoneSoap Charger is available now in black or white and can be purchased directly from their website for only 50 bucks.

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