Coolest Clock Turns Walls into Projection ClocksWall clocks fit your decor and can tell you the time however with a Coolest Clock, your wall clock can look any way you want and provide more information than just time at a glance as a projection clock.

Coolest Clock is a wall-mountable RBG LED projection system that displays a 16:9 aspect ratio image of information. The clock uses a smartphone application for customizing the, “smart faces” of the clock allowing the displayed image to match the room or your mood. With built in Wi-Fi, anything from social media posts, sports scores, inspirational quotes and current weather or news can be displayed on the image, keeping you up-to-date and on time. The system gets power from a typical wall outlet and uses built-in energy saving, turning the projection off when no one is home.

Coolest Clock is planning a release in late 2015 giving the development team time to add more functionality to the system so it really be the coolest clock in your home. Coolest Clock is expected to retail for about 200 bucks, check out their Indiegogo for more information.

Check them out: Coolest Clock