Experience Desktop Computing Anywhere with Sphinx StandTablets are fantastic tools but they still fall short when it comes to several productivity applications; for some tasks, you just need to be at a computer. Sphinx is a new docking station stand that is bridging the mobile gap providing a desktop computing experience and making productivity possible with your tablet, anywhere.

Sphinx is a portable docking station that not only gives users a desktop computing experience by enabling mouse and keyboard inputs, it also allows access to remote and cloud desktop applications. Using the stand requires a free receiver program, Dock2Office, to be installed on the user’s laptop or desktop computer. The stand unfolds and sets up in just a few minutes by connecting the keyboard and mouse, connecting the power and network cable and then docking your tablet and starting the remote application. Once the stand code is entered and verified by the receiver software, users can access their applications and use their tablet just like they were at their desk taking mobile productivity to a completely new level.

What makes Sphinx unique is that any tablet can use any stand to access a remote computer as long as the user has a subscription to the Dock2Office cloud server, making the stand a versatile tool for busy environments like hospitals, schools or guest work offices. Sphinx can be picked up for 185 bucks by supporting their Kickstarter, throw in another 50 for the travel kit.

Check them out: Sphinx Stand

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