FilterWatch Monitors Airflow Saving Heating and Cooling CostsKeeping your furnace running at peak efficiency means making sure a dirty filter is not costing you money. FilterWatch lets you know when the furnace filter needs to be changed, keeping your home warm and your wallet happy.

FilterWatch is a small device that attaches to any return or output vent to monitor the airflow drawn through the furnace filter. Once attached, the device takes care of itself; just load up a new furnace filter, hit the start button on the FilterWatch and it will alert you when the airflow drops indicating a dirty filter. The final version of FilterWatch will have an LCD display so owners can check the airflow at a glance and will be powered by a standard AA battery.

The idea behind FilterWatch is simple. If an air conditioner or furnace filter is, for example, 20 percent clogged, it will run 20 percent longer and that is money out of your pocket. FilterWatch will pay for itself with the low 30-dollar price tag or 50-dollars for a wireless model with a product release early next year.

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