Fire Powers the Elegant Pelty Wireless SpeakerRomantic dinners start with setting the mood. From the table candle to the selection of music coming from a Bluetooth speaker powered by that same candle, Pelty will be the centerpiece of your occasion.

Pelty is a unique and elegant Bluetooth speaker that draws power from the thermal energy of a single burning candle under the unit. The ceramic and glass stand is designed to maximize the heat of the candle to the thermo-electric generator, drawing cool air in from the base and allowing warm air out though the top. The resulting power is enough to drive the high-quality audio, twelve-watt full-frequency speaker for as long as the candle burns. There are no wires or batteries and Pelty will work with just about any candle you choose.

Pelty will be available in eight different colors to match your decor or mood and is planning a release date in late 2014. Pelty is seeking funds on Indiegogo where backers can set their musical soul on fire for just over 300 bucks.

Check it out: Pelty

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