Free Capti Narrator App for Text-to-Voice Content NaturallyNot many of us would even dream of attempting to read an e-book or a webpage while on our bicycle, running on the treadmill or driving. Capti Narrator offers an alternative to getting the information we need when we cannot be staring at a tiny screen.

Capti Narrator is a free application for iOS devices that allows people to listen to web pages and other electronic content instead of reading the information from the screen. Using the application is as easy as setting up a playlist to be narrated from multiple sources including the web, Google Drive, electronic documents, e-books or just about any content. Once created, users can hit the road and listen to the content giving them a productive multi-tasking tool. Capti Narrator uses an advanced algorithm to process electronic content and then reads the information back in a natural speaking voice completely hands-free and freeing up hours of computer time.

Capti Narrator offers additional voices on a try-before-you-buy model with different voices and accents to match your playback preferences. The application is perfect while working out, traveling, as a busy student or anytime staring at the screen is not desirable in our information-overloaded world. The company is planning additional platforms for Windows, Mac, Kindle and Android coming soon; I think a TEKD voice would be useful too.

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