GasWatch Keeps on Eye on Your Propane SupplyIt is hard to be disappointed at a BBQ, unless you flip the lid of your grill and see your half-cooked food sitting without a flame underneath. With GasWatch, you could potentially never run out of propane again.

GasWatch is a scale that works with most common propane tanks to let you know when your tank is running low. The scale can be used on any flat surface or even inside the grill cabinet and uses a Bluetooth connection to par it with a smart device application. Once GasWatch is in place and the tank is resting on the ring, set-up is as easy as letting the device know the weight of the tank being used. From the application, you will know how much propane is left, the estimated cook time remaining and even the weather outside.

GasWatch will work in heaters or other systems with propane tanks up to twenty pounds, can handle direct sunlight as well as cold temperatures and the batteries will last about a year with normal use. The best part of GasWatch is that it will not cost you more than a single tank refill, with units starting at just 35 bucks, due out in late 2015.

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