Holographical Current Conditions and Time with Weather LiveThere seems to be no shortage of novelty clocks hitting the market and aside from the office desktop conversational aspect of most, throwing, “hologram” in the description will definitely get people talking.

Weather Live is a Lab of Things device that creates more of an optical illusion on the display than an actual holographic image. The seven-inch display is actually a half-mirror that acts as a beam splitter allowing some light to be reflected while passing through the rest to display the illusion of rain, snow, clouds and sunshine. The clock pairs through Bluetooth to a smart device to get the current weather conditions and can be set to display other locations beside the one outside your window.

Weather Live is built into an attractive white birch case further setting it apart from other desktop clocks and making it that much more interesting. Weather Live is expected to hit the market in late 2015 and will cost just 99 bucks.

Check it out: The Weather Live Clock

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