iPhone 6 Cases from Lunatik Offering Complete ProtectionOne of the first people to grab an iPhone 6 dropped it on the ground on television, because, gravity happens. If you want to protect your new iPhone 6, there are a couple of new options from Lunatik protecting your phone from more than just drops.

Taktik 360 and Aquatik are two new cases that will protect your phone from drops, water and dust while maintaining the usability of every phone feature. Both cases use Corning Gorilla glass to protect the screen of the phone and an interior suspension core protection lattice combined with an edge impact bumper to protect against drops. The difference between these two waterproof, dust-proof and airtight cases is how crazy you get with your phone on your person. Aquatik is perfect for everyday protection in a slim design while the Taktik 360 is built like a tank and ready for whatever you can throw at it; locked, loaded and ready to go.

Taktik 360 will initially be offered in white or black while the Aquatik will be more colorful with its introduction. Both cases will be released in early 2015; backers of their Indiegogo campaign will be among the first to secure iPhone protection starting at just 79 bucks.

Check them out: Taktik 360 and Aquatik from Lunatik