KegVision Keeps an Eye on Your Beer SupplyIf you invite your friends over for a beer and your keg starts to blow foam you are probably not going to hear the end of it anytime soon. KegVision is a keg supplies unit and ensures the barrel in your Kegerator has enough beer for your entire event.

KegVision is an in-line sensor that monitors the level of your keg and even estimates the number of pours remaining. The system’s fittings attach between the keg and the pour line and the system monitors the flow of beer sending that information wirelessly to a smartphone app from the keg supplies unit. The app takes the data based on a full keg and displays the amount of beer remaining calculated from the flow data and the size of the pours. The app can monitor up to three different KegVision systems at a time giving a party host the information they need just by glancing at their phone.

The app can also help plan events with the party planning feature, just enter the number of guests, and if they are going to be just tipsy or completely hammered and the suggested amount of beer is displayed. KegVision hopes to have the system ready by early next year; you can grab one of the first units by supporting their Kickstarter campaign.

Check it out: KegVision

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