Monsieur Robotic Bartender Frees You Up to Enjoy the PartyAdmit it; you are just a bit jealous of your friends Kegerator. Just imagine how they will feel when you introduce them to your Monsieur, a robotic bartender that can mix any cocktail, anytime with just the touch of a button.

Right out of the box, the Monsieur Robotic Bartender can mix up to three hundred different cocktails and pour up to one-hundred fifty drinks by selecting your favorite drink from an elegantly designed interface setting the strength from light to, “boss” and touching the panel to order. The system uses airtight and dishwasher safe canisters that hold ingredients available at any liquor or grocery store, or, can use the bottles directly with airtight bottle closures. Once a drink is ordered, Monsieur pumps the exact ingredients into a waiting glass and in a matter of seconds, your beverage is ready to enjoy. The Monsieur can hold a total of eight ingredients at a time in the complete package or if space is tight, the Monsieur Mini holds four ingredients. Both systems not only learn from your orders, they also use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee to not only know when you are home, but also if you have company over and will even offer them a drink.

Monsieur is not only letting individuals finally relax and enjoy their own gathering without playing bartender, they have also developed a control center for businesses that allows club owners to tie together several Monsieur systems. For individuals, the Monsieur app is also your drinking buddy, keeping track of your inventory, letting you order a drink from across the room and also letting you know when you might have indulged just a bit too much. Monsieur has a Kickstarter up and running, check them out and invite them to your next event.

Check it out: Monsieur

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