Ninja Sphere Creates an Intelligent Connected HomeTraditional thinking in home automation is to create a smart outlet, switch, lock, or some other device that tethers to a smart device app. Ninja Sphere is changing that model, creating a home automation control sphere within your connected home.

Ninja Sphere is a different kind of home automation system that learns your habits the more you use it and can make recommendations for controlling your appliances. The system uses a central control point called the, “Spheramid” and smaller, “Waypoints” that you place throughout your home to create the actual, “Sphere”. The system can use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Zigbee to connect to smart outlets, appliances, temperature, smart tags or any connected device and based on something similar to triangulation, provide an accurate location of everything from lost keys, a sleeping pet or the status of your connected home. Notifications from the Ninja Sphere can be received through any connected device and with the built-in gesture control can be responded to through the Spheramid with a wave of your hand.

Ninja Sphere plans to release their platform as an open source product giving developers a chance to expand home automation in a Sphere control model. Ninja Sphere has fully funded their Kickstarter campaign and the Australian company is planning a mid-2014 release.

Check it out: Ninja Sphere

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