Notion Takes Home Monitoring Beyond Typical Security SystemsA smart home has typically been defined as a connected home but an intelligent home goes beyond connectivity allowing your house to alert and inform you of what is going on when you are not around.

Notion is a new idea in home systems that allows for intelligent monitoring of your home far beyond usual security systems. At the center of the system is a Hub that plugs into a typical wall outlet and connects to your home Wi-Fi network. The workhorses of Notion are small and discrete tags that can be placed anywhere in your house and use an array of sensors to monitor and alert you to customizable events. Everything from ambient light, sound, motion, temperature, proximity and even a piezoelectric transducer can alert you to open or opening doors, if a smoke alarm is triggered, a water leak, how full a propane tank is or any custom creative usage.

Notion tags are powered by a coin cell battery and use a non-harming adhesive to stick anywhere. The mobile application automatically arms and disarms the system when you are away and can even be set up to send alerts to groups of people for added security. Notion is targeting a mid-2015 release and is offering complete sets of the system to backers of their Kickstarter starting at just 200 bucks.

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