Perfect Panoramic Captures Using the BubblePodIf you have ever tried to take a 360 degree, “bubble” panoramic camera picture with your smart phone, you know how difficult it can be. A simple new product from BubblePix will make taking a perfect panorama shot the first time.

The BubblePod is a very basic, easy to use smartphone clip that increases the chance of matching the vertical position of a panoramic camera shot with very little error correction. BubblePod does not require batteries; you start by winding the device with a twist. Operation of the device is simple enough, clip your smartphone in the holder, fire up the BubblePix app, which is available for Android and iOS, and press a button on the BubblePod. The device then rotates smoothly and silently capturing the entire 360-degree field of view. The BubblePod has a reversible base for maximum traction on most surfaces, a universal tripod mount and you can even mount it on a wine bottle to grab a round table shot.

The BubblePod is light and small, making it ideal for vacations, hikes or anytime you find yourself in that perfect location where only a panoramic view will really explain your experience. Because it operates silently, you can even capture audio of your, “Bubble” shot to enhance the moment. The BubblePod is also very affordable making it the perfect accessory to your smart phone camera.