Shockingly Alert Gameplay with the HeadsetIf you enjoy gaming like twitch shooters that require you to be focused and on your game all the time, the gaming headset might be your shocking scientific alternative to energy drinks.

The headset uses transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to send electricity into your frontal lobe making your synapses fire faster. It is like over-clocking your brain. Gamers place the headset so that the electrodes are positioned above the prefrontal cortex and then set the stimulation level. The device has a default setting of one milliamp for ten minutes with a startup crescendo to ease you into your session. Gamers can adjust the amount of juice through the device to either 1, 1.5 or 2 milliamps or, using a smartphone application, can set the device to any increment between 0.8 and 2 milliamps. The app also allows the user to adjust the timer from the default ten minutes to anything between five and forty minutes. Labs has tested the device to all required regulatory and CE safety standards to ensure the device is safe although not FDA approved. If you are looking for a gaming edge, the kit will sell for 250 bucks and includes one red or black gaming headset, a case, a micro-USB charging cable and reusable sponges. The company is also offering a 49-dollar upgrade kit giving you more modes to customize your experience.

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