The Levitating Mars Speaker Elevates Music Enjoyment

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Getting the best sound from a speaker means reducing vibration from contact with solid surfaces. CrazyBaby knows this, which is why their new portable speaker levitates. Mars Craft is a Bluetooth speaker system that delivers high fidelity sound in 360-degrees while impressively levitating above the subwoofer base. The speaker uses a neodymium motor system in combination with aptX audio codec compression to produce CD-like quality audio over wireless streaming. Up to two Mars systems can be controlled from the Mars application to produce stereo sound for up to eight hours on [...]

Fire Powers the Elegant Pelty Wireless Speaker

  Romantic dinners start with setting the mood. From the table candle to the selection of music coming from a Bluetooth speaker powered by that same candle, Pelty will be the centerpiece of your occasion. Pelty is a unique and elegant Bluetooth speaker that draws power from the thermal energy of a single burning candle under the unit. The ceramic and glass stand is designed to maximize the heat of the candle to the thermo-electric generator, drawing cool air in from the base and allowing warm air out though the top. The resulting power is enough to drive the high-quality audio, twelve-watt full-frequency speaker for as long as the candle burns. [...]

Hidden Radio 2 Speaker for Amazing Audio with Style

  The wireless Bluetooth speaker trend is to be small, portable and of course produce amazing sound. While some speakers are trying to be conversational pieces that make your party pop, others are trying to blend in with your surroundings. Hidden Radio 2 is not actually a radio; it is a portable and stylish Bluetooth speaker that produces 360-degree audio at up to ninety decibels of volume. The neodymium dual speaker system has a dynamic range covering bass beats like a large floor speaker and hitting the high notes of smaller speakers for amazing sound at any level. The device uses a capacitive-touch top for opening the speaker, adjusting the volume, [...]

The Rebel Speaker Water Resistant Audio Alternative

  Listening to music from your smart device in the shower is fine if you do not mind the sound quality from the speaker and the lack of control of the device when dripping wet. The Rebel Speaker will not mind being your shower buddy giving you an audio alternative shower speaker in wet surroundings. The Rebel Speaker is a water-resistant shower speaker and speakerphone for your smartphone or tablet. The silicon case surrounding the device not only acts as a suction cup allowing you to stick it anywhere, but also contains the controls for volume and answering calls. The Rebel pairs with a smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth, has a [...]