Tan Green This Summer with a Solar Tanning DeviceThis was an April Fools post!!! Alternative energy power sourcing solutions and portability have finally hit the tanning industry with the Solar Tanning Device, or STD.

The technology behind the STD is centuries old. In fact, it was so obvious that some people had an STD and did not even know it. It was finally discovered by two people on a beach who realized, by accident, that the other had an STD. The Technology behind the STD makes them very portable and flexible; you can take them to the pool, the park or even to the bathroom. STDs require special care and are very hard to get clean which is why every STD comes with a handy latex carrying case so you will not offend others with your dirty STD.

STDs are available in a number of different models and colors and can make a great gift. If you are away from home, simply ask the front desk clerk or concierge at your hotel where you can get an STD. If you are out and about, most police officers know where you can get an STD, just ask, they are there to serve the public. Just imagine the look on your significant other’s face when you announce to them that you brought home an STD from your last business trip.

STDs are going to revolutionize the way we enjoy the outdoors, but be sure to use them cautiously as prolonged use can lead to redness, burning and itching.