Tap and Talk or Access Your Phone Commands with CommBadgeScience fiction has been the inspiration for several devices we use in our everyday lives. The communicator from Star Trek evolved into the cell phone and now the communication badge is ready to join our reality.

The CommBadge is a wearable speakerphone for your Android or iPhone that pairs with your device like any other Bluetooth headset. Once connected, users can simply tap the device to make or answer calls, send text messages or access your phone’s voice commands. The design of the CommBadge even directs the sound from the device so only the wearer can hear the sound from the speaker. It clips securely to clothing making it the perfect accessory for working out or going for a run. Users have both ears and hands free to do whatever they need to do while their phone is in their pocket or placed up to thirty meters away.

The CommBadge comes in three models depending on your needs; the CommBadge Classic is just the speaker device while the CommBadge and CommBadge Plus are perfect for work environments where employees are required to wear a badge. If you are sick of wearing an uncomfortable and silly looking Bluetooth headset, you can preorder a CommBadge now and have it by this summer.

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