Tension Toner for Resistance Training that is Far from FutileThe term, “resistance training” is sometimes very confusing. It has been interpreted and applies to everything from pure weight training, which uses gravity as the primary resistance to band-based machines that mimic weight training without the weight load. To make the idea of resistance training as easy as possible, think of it as nothing more than gradual strength training that incorporates a full range of motion without specifically targeting any one muscle. To do it right, you need a tool that targets the grey area between weight training and resistance machines.

That’s where you can find Tension Toner, an innovative and ironically lightweight resistance-training tool that makes the most of your daily exercise routine. Tension Toner uses two elastic bands between the grips that can quickly be adjusted through three different resistance settings. Lateral resistance is achieved by keeping the bands flat for constant tension during an exercise. Vertical resistance is also part of the design; by attaching elastic bands to the bar and flexing muscle groups while keeping the center bands flat. The result is more muscle activity is required to properly perform the rep correctly and more calories burned per rep versus weights or typical bands and that means a better looking you in less time.

Tension Toner folds up and can be packed for the next business trip or thrown in the car for a quick workout with friends in the park. The Tension toner is not available for purchase just yet; they do have a Kickstarter campaign up and running where you can grab a Tension Toner when they are released.

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