The Emotiv Insight Headset for Better Brain PerformanceElectroencephalography, or EEG, brainwave scan data can show a professional trained in their interpretation what is going on in your brain. The Emotiv Insight wireless brainwave headset is a tool the rest of us can use to understand our brains performance.

The Emotiv Insight is a wireless brainwave headset that uses five EEG sensor pads and two reference pads that make contact with your head to measure your brain activity. The data the device collects is sent to a smart device and with the app, the signals are interpreted to give the user a picture of their cognitive performance. Everything from attention, focus, engagement, interest, excitement, affinity, relaxation and stress levels can be measured using the device during daily activities. By reviewing the data, people can make decisions before and during activities that can alter their brain activity to give them better performance. The Emotiv also understands mental commands and facial expressions enabling people to use the device to control objects with commands like up, down, left and right or bind commands to smiles, blinks winks and frowns.

The Emotiv Insight is completely safe as it passively reads the brain pulses to collect data. It will operate for about 12 hours on a charge and has been designed to not operate at all while being charged for safety reasons. The Emotiv Insight has a Kickstarter campaign fully funded and for 200 bucks you can grab one with delivery next April.

Check it out: Emotiv Insight

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