The Folding USB Solar Cell Solution for Mobile Device PowerEvery hiker knows that the gear they pack into the backcountry needs to be light and compact and with the Folding USB Solar Cell from Brown Dog Gadgets, they have a portable charging solution to keep their devices powered up.

The Folding USB Solar Cell uses a three-panel design on black canvas fabric making it light and small enough to take anywhere. Any device that charges with a USB cable can be attached to the panels for charging while you hike to your camp or bike around town. The Folding USB Solar Cell gives you five volts of power and three different power options in five, seven and ten watts with each upgrade providing more current to your charging device. The Folding USB Solar Cell can also charge a companion lithium polymer battery power bank that you can use to charge devices at night or on the go, and just in case you need it, it also serves as a flashlight.

You do not have to be heading into the hills to have a need for the Folding USB Solar Cell. It is designed to fit in a briefcase for charging during your busy day on the town or hang it in a window at work. The panels will charge an iPhone in about 2-3 hours depending on the wattage and with the growing number of devices that use USB power, the Folding USB Solar Cell will charge all of your USB chargeable portable gadgets.

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