The iLumi Full Spectrum LED Smart Light is a Bright IdeaFinally, someone had the bright idea to make an energy saving LED light that is functional and intelligent. The iLumi smart lighting solution is a product that will, “bring your light to life”.

iLumi is a full spectrum LED light that is wirelessly controlled through Bluetooth on a smartphone app. On board each bulb is computing technology that also makes the bulb programmable through the phone, including a fast Flash processor, four megabytes of Flash memory and a real-time clock. Setup is as easy as screwing in a light bulb and downloading the free app. The bulb uses patent pending HyperLux technology to achieve the brightest, most efficient use of the multicolor LEDs, makes each bulb dimmable, and you can set them to millions of colors.

The programming aspect of the iLumi is what really makes them shine. You can set them to come on or turn off at a specific time, change color when you receive a phone call, make dynamic lighting effects for parties and even save lighting scenarios for perfect movie or dinner lighting. The bulbs can be programmed to slowly dim up making waking up in the morning easy on your eyes or slowly dim down as you get ready to rack out. The programming possibilities and applications are endless.

The bulbs come in two sizes to meet your indoor lighting needs in equivalent 100- and 60-watt powers and can be used in any standard socket. Each bulb has up to a twenty-year lifespan and will easily pay for itself in energy saving over the life of the bulb while giving your space the perfect atmosphere.

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