The Noke Padlock Secures Your Stuff with a Smart KeyIf you have something to secure, there is a good chance that on the outside of that case, locker or storage unit, is a padlock. Noke will do everything that lock can do without keys or remembering a combination.

Noke is the next evolution in padlock design that works by using Bluetooth and a smart device application to secure your stuff. Unlocking Noke is as easy as giving it a squeeze, which tells the lock to look for a smart device with the right key and if detected, the lock opens. The application can also be used to give permanent, temporary or one-time access to the lock making sharing a locked area or item much easier than sharing a key or combination. The lock is constructed from hardened steel making it as tough as any regular padlock, is water resistant and uses a replaceable coin-cell battery for powering the unit for up to a year.

Noke relies on a smart device for most of its functionality but does not depend on it, and can be opened by programming a, “Tap Pattern” code just like a combination. Noke will retail for 89 bucks and is targeting an early 2015 release date with backers of their Kickstarter receiving a discount for supporting them early.

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