The Scientific Moodmetric is Not Your Parent’s Mood RingAt the risk of dating myself, I will confess, I had a Mood Ring when I was very young that used body heat to indicate an emotional state. In every way the Mood Ring was a novelty, The Moodmetric ring is pure science.

The Moodmetric ring is a wearable device designed into fashion jewelry that uses sensors on the inner surface of the band to measure emotional intensity. The sensors make contact on the palm side of the finger to measure the level of electrodermal activity, or the conductance of your skin, and based on that data generates a score that can be easily understood as a level of emotional intensity. The ring uses Bluetooth to communicate with a smart device application that collects and stores the data to develop trends, enabling the wearer to identify situations that cause high emotional responses. The internal battery on the Moodmetric ring will operate for about fifty hours between charges under normal use and can be quickly recharged in about an hour through micro-USB.

Moodmetric rings are built on a stainless steel band and in two varieties that use either plastic or aluminum to encase the components. The Moodmetric ring will be offered in six sizes when it is launched in late 2015 with the Black design running 225 and the Gem design at 299 bucks.

Check it out: The Moodmetric Ring

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