The URB-E E-Vehicle Makes Urban Commuting a BreezePeople looking for alternative and green urban transportation are getting another option that is also extremely portable. URB-E is a foldable electric scooter that completes your commute giving you a compact and lightweight vehicle for the, “last mile.”

URB-E unfolds from a form factor that enables the system to go anywhere when not in use, like on a train, bus or pulled along like luggage. The vehicle only weighs twenty-seven pounds, including the lithium-ion battery that will power URB-E for a range of up to twenty miles and charges in just three hours. A 250-Watt brushless electric hub motor that gives the vehicle a top speed of up to fifteen miles-per-hour powers the eight-inch wheels. URB-E comes in two different models depending on your riding style. The Commuter is design to be more like a tri-cycle giving the rider greater stability especially at slower speeds, uses a finger throttle and offers a convenient luggage rack option. The URB-E GP is more like a mini-bike with a two-wheel design and a grip throttle. Both come with standard options including LED safety lights, a universal charger, a universal smart phone holder and a shock absorbing comfort seat.

URB-E gives the rider plenty of choices for customizing their ride with different frame colors that can be further enhanced with color inserts, wireless Bluetooth speakers, cup holders, fenders and other personalization options. URB-E is also giving consumers the ability to choose between a foreign produced vehicle with a price point of 799 dollars or a made in the USA version for 1599 bucks.

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