I love technology and innovation.

Most of the time, people are forced to accept products that the mainstream media shows them; that product is usually a big-box supplier. There is a world of innovation happening every day, by every day individuals, who have ideas that just make you want to stop and say, “wow”.

I started TEKD to highlight that innovation. I am looking for the innovation and ideas that most consumers are not aware exist. I have a background in radio, broadcast, graphics, web development, marketing communications, video and production. After several years in the media, I took my guru-like skills to the street.

TEKD is a blog I publish when I can, and I hope you will follow, and share, the site and stories with your friends. Everything here is in a media or press intent; I am not charging for anything, but would ask if you use my content, just show the world where you got it!

Thank you for reading.

The Author of TEKD