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Mobile Devices Get Their Own Outlet with SnapPower

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   I recently discovered a new term, "Wall Warts". You probably have them in your house; mobile device chargers that make furniture placement impossible and tie-up outlets while your device grabs some power. SnapPower has designed a cure for wall warts: an outlet wall cover offering a low profile built-in charging port for any device that uses USB charging cables. The cover uses two prongs on the inside of the plate to draw power from the existing receptacle wiring screws making installation as easy [...]

Prynt Smartphone Case for Instant Photo Printing

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Polaroid cameras were so much fun because in an instant, you could grab a snapshot and share a real, physical photo keepsake memory. Prynt is bringing back the days of instant photography, this time as a smartphone case. Prynt is as easy to use as any camera by simply docking your smartphone, grabbing the perfect shot and in a matter of seconds; a photo is printed from the case. Prynt works by using thermal technology that heats a special photo paper to precise [...]

NVC Makes the Case for Night Vision on an iPhone 6

  If you have a need to see in complete darkness but do not want to carry around night vision goggles everywhere with you, a better option might be a new iPhone 6 case from MSM Labs. NVC transforms your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus into a super-spy gadget enabling high definition pictures and video to be captured in complete darkness. The camera uses special Infrared LEDs for vision in complete darkness and provides a range of thirty feet or can be turned off for passive viewing using ambient light. The case itself is a complete capture