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Tension Toner for Resistance Training that is Far from Futile

The term, "resistance training" is sometimes very confusing. It has been interpreted and applies to everything from pure weight training, which uses gravity as the primary resistance to band-based machines that mimic weight training without the weight load. To make the idea of resistance training as easy as possible, think of it as nothing more than gradual strength training that incorporates a full range of motion without specifically targeting any one muscle. To do it right, you need a tool that targets the grey area between weight training and resistance machines. That's where you can find Tension Toner, [...]

Avoid Pollution and Breathe Easier with a TZOA Wearable

  We are the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. Finding clean air is not always easy and pollutants can come from anywhere, lowering air quality even within our own homes. TZOA is here to help. TZOA is a wearable air quality monitor that uses an internal optical laser and an array of five different sensors to measure particulates in the environment. The information it collects is sent by Bluetooth to a paired smartphone application that tracks air quality in real time. The application provides a visual indication of the air quality, maintains [...]

Kapau Changes Beach Tennis with Free-Style Play

  Beach tennis is growing fast and with the popularity of the activity, new variations are being served up. Kapau is one example, a beach tennis game for people who prefer a fast and casual volley game. Kapau is played between two people at a distance in any area with wide-open spaces, like a beach or park. The Kapau racket looks like a short tennis racket, or maybe a racquetball racket, and is constructed with a carbon fiber frame, pro strings and an ergonomical grip making it light and durable for outdoor play. The Kapau ball is unique to [...]

The Scientific Moodmetric is Not Your Parent’s Mood Ring

  At the risk of dating myself, I will confess, I had a Mood Ring when I was very young that used body heat to indicate an emotional state. In every way the Mood Ring was a novelty, The Moodmetric ring is pure science. The Moodmetric ring is a wearable device designed into fashion jewelry that uses sensors on the inner surface of the band to measure emotional intensity. The sensors make contact on the palm side of the finger to measure the level of electrodermal activity, or the conductance of your skin, and based on that data generates [...]

Chrona Reacts to Sleep Stages for Better Sleep

  Activity trackers bring a little science into everything you do so you can optimize your time in the gym, on the court, on the treadmill and with Chrona, in bed for better sleep. Chrona is built into a memory foam pad that is placed inside a pillowcase where it uses an array of sensors to not only track, but also interact, with sleep stages. Like other sleep monitors already available, typical metrics are recorded and delivered through a Bluetooth connection to the sleeper's smartphone for review and long-term study. What makes Chrona unique is its ability to identify [...]

Smart Rope for Fitness is Not Your Playground Jump Rope

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   I hit the treadmill three times a week and stay fit with weight training, so when I found the Smart Rope and learned that jumping rope can be a more beneficial workout than running, I had to investigate. Smart Rope is more than a jump rope evolved; it is a totally new piece of workout gear. As the name implies, it uses Bluetooth to communicate with a smartphone application for tracking metrics like jumps, time and calories with the ability to track and [...]

Connect Pod Tents and Transform Camping Vacations

  If your ideal get-a-way includes a two-bedroom retreat with a full-size living room and a great view, grab your Pod Tents and hit the backcountry vacation trail. Pod Tents are a new idea in camping that use tunnels to connect between different size dome tents creating a hamster-like habitrail tent house. The tents are constructed using durable and flammability tested rip stop nylon with taped seams and are supported by aluminum and steel poles. The larger Pod Elite Maxi is roomy enough to sleep eight people or make it the center of your tent house as a social [...]

Mega Bar Offers Small Space Workout Options

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   In the time it takes to drive back and forth from the gym, you can have a complete physical workout in a small space, like being stuck in the office all day, with Mega Bar. Mega Bar is a physical fitness product designed for people who do not have the space for a full gym or cannot make it to a fitness club on a regular basis, but still want to look and feel their best. The bar weighs only twelve pounds when [...]

The Olive Bracelet Helps Control Everyday Stress

  Stress is something everyone experiences and there is plenty of research showing stress having negative health impacts. Olive will help you recognize when you are stressed, and even take actions to help stress management. Olive is a two-part wearable solution to stress management composed of a bracelet and a smart device application. The Olive bracelet uses a full array of sensors monitoring heart rate, skin conductance and temperature, muscle tension and ambient light, detecting the signs of stress and alerting the wearer through haptic feedback. This information is also sent to a smart device application that over time [...]