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Stop Skimming and Get Swimming with Solar-Breeze

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Personal robotic systems can clean your gutters, vacuum your carpet and now with Solar-Breeze, your wife will have to say goodbye to the pool boy. Solar-Breeze is a robotic pool skimmer that cruises around the pool all day using solar power to pick up floaters and keep the pool swim ready. A rear paddle moves the robot around the pool trapping debris from the front of the unit in an ultra-fine nylon mesh filter removing most of the surface contaminates before they sink. Chemicals [...]

Holographical Current Conditions and Time with Weather Live

  There seems to be no shortage of novelty clocks hitting the market and aside from the office desktop conversational aspect of most, throwing, "hologram" in the description will definitely get people talking. Weather Live is a Lab of Things device that creates more of an optical illusion on the display than an actual holographic image. The seven-inch display is actually a half-mirror that acts as a beam splitter allowing some light to be reflected while passing through the rest to display the illusion of rain, snow, clouds and sunshine. The clock pairs through Bluetooth to a smart device [...]

SensorWake Awakens You with Soft Scents and Aromas

  On the rare occasion I forget to set my alarm, the smell of fresh brewed coffee from my automatic coffee maker will wake me up. The idea of waking up to an aroma as an alarm clock may not be as crazy as it sounds. SensorWake is a nightstand alarm clock with a built in diffuser that uses scent cartridges to release an aroma, waking people with a pleasant smell instead of a jarring sound. Once a wake time is set, simply insert the cartridge of your choice and the system is ready, even using RFID to identify [...]

Ryo Adapter Connects USB Correctly Every Time

  USB ports have been around for about twenty years and with the advent of something so revolutionary in how we connect device to systems, so came the USB dance. You know the dance, the constant flipping of the connector trying to figure out which way to correctly insert the cable or drive without damaging either. Ryo is a life hack that makes connecting any USB cable or drive a snap with a reversible connector that fits any standard USB port. The small device bridges between the connected device and the system, and with its rubberized case, stays securely [...]

Coolest Clock Turns Walls into Projection Clocks

  Wall clocks fit your decor and can tell you the time however with a Coolest Clock, your wall clock can look any way you want and provide more information than just time at a glance as a projection clock. Coolest Clock is a wall-mountable RBG LED projection system that displays a 16:9 aspect ratio image of information. The clock uses a smartphone application for customizing the, "smart faces" of the clock allowing the displayed image to match the room or your mood. With built in Wi-Fi, anything from social media posts, sports scores, inspirational quotes and current weather [...]

Lightors Batteries Recharge Through Built-In Micro USB

  In any device that uses batteries for power, like game controllers, remote controls or clocks, using rechargeable batteries is eco-smart and saves money. Lightors will also save wall outlet space and time spent searching for a battery charger. Lightors are rechargeable batteries, which is not amazingly new technology however these rechargeable batteries eliminate the need for a wall charger. The batteries are designed around the double-A and triple-A form factors and contain a nickel-hydride battery that is charged through a micro USB connection built into the cell. The double-A cell has a 1500 milliamp-hour charge capacity, 600 for [...]

The Open Source Pi Smartwatch is Certifiable Geek Wear

  The wearable device race is about to go into full speed this year with smartwatches leading the pack. There is no doubt Apple will have a strong horse in the race, however, there will be others with unique offerings. Pi is a smartwatch that is slated to be released in early 2015 and uses an Arduino platform to bring personal programming to the smartwatch product field. The user interface is a combination round touch-enabled LCD display with 160-pixel per inch resolution and a ten-point capacitive touch ring all driven by a 32-Bit Cortex M4 processor. The code for [...]

Access Critical Internet Information Anywhere with Lantern

  There is no question that the internet has changed how we learn, research and access information. Outernet will provide massive amounts of critical information to everyone with Lantern and without an internet connection. Outernet has built a large core archive including reference sites like major news outlets, Wikipedia, educational courseware, books, music, videos and other critical internet content that it uploads to a satellite. Lantern is a small satellite signal receiver designed to pull down that collection and store the content on an internal hard drive giving anyone a complete reference library free of charge and free of [...]

Load a Full Phone Charge in Five Minutes with Pronto

  You are running late for work or an appointment and your phone is dead. Thanks to Power Practical, if you have five minutes, you have a phone charger capable of a full charge on your device. Pronto is a portable power solution for charging mobile devices on the go that loads up enough juice for one full phone charge in just five minutes. Pronto 5 is 4500 milliamp-hour cell that is capable of charging a phone three times, while the Pronto 12 at 13,500 milliamp-hours can charge a phone nine times on a full charge. Each model can [...]