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Intelligent Houseplant Care with the Biom Smart Flowerpot

  When a pet needs attention, they let you know, which is not an easy trick for a houseplant. Biom gives your plant a voice and takes the stress out of greening up your urban lifestyle. Biom is a smart houseplant pot that uses a variety of low-power sensors and a smart device application making it easy to take care of your green roommates. The shape of the pot is designed for urban living making it ideal for secure installation on a patio rail or simply sitting on any table. The sensors inside the pot can detect if [...]

Ditch the Dustpan with a Bruno Smart Trash Can

  Dropped cereal, crumbs, pet hair and those little rocks that stick to your bare feet; your kitchen floor sees it all. With Bruno in your kitchen, cleaning annoying messes could not be easier. Bruno is a smart trash can with a built in floor-level vacuum that eliminates the need to track down a dustpan for quick cleanups. The sensor on Bruno detects when a pile of debris is being swept near the inlet and activates the vacuum, pulling the debris directly into the trash bag inside the can. The lid of the system opens with a wave of [...]

Dolfi for Hands Free Hand Washing of Delicates

  Hand washing your delicates can still be hard on the fabric and we know it takes a toll on our hands and our time. Dolfi is a new idea in laundry aids that makes hand washing easier than ever, and it is hands free. Dolfi is a soap-bar sized device that uses ultrasonic vibrations to clean delicate fabrics that can easily be damaged. Once you have your delicates in a basin with soap and water, just drop in Dolfi, switch it on and in about thirty minutes, the clothes are clean. Dolfi not