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Intelligent Houseplant Care with the Biom Smart Flowerpot

  When a pet needs attention, they let you know, which is not an easy trick for a houseplant. Biom gives your plant a voice and takes the stress out of greening up your urban lifestyle. Biom is a smart houseplant pot that uses a variety of low-power sensors and a smart device application making it easy to take care of your green roommates. The shape of the pot is designed for urban living making it ideal for secure installation on a patio rail or simply sitting on any table. The sensors inside the pot can detect if [...]

Ditch the Dustpan with a Bruno Smart Trash Can

  Dropped cereal, crumbs, pet hair and those little rocks that stick to your bare feet; your kitchen floor sees it all. With Bruno in your kitchen, cleaning annoying messes could not be easier. Bruno is a smart trash can with a built in floor-level vacuum that eliminates the need to track down a dustpan for quick cleanups. The sensor on Bruno detects when a pile of debris is being swept near the inlet and activates the vacuum, pulling the debris directly into the trash bag inside the can. The lid of the system opens with a wave of [...]

Dolfi for Hands Free Hand Washing of Delicates

  Hand washing your delicates can still be hard on the fabric and we know it takes a toll on our hands and our time. Dolfi is a new idea in laundry aids that makes hand washing easier than ever, and it is hands free. Dolfi is a soap-bar sized device that uses ultrasonic vibrations to clean delicate fabrics that can easily be damaged. Once you have your delicates in a basin with soap and water, just drop in Dolfi, switch it on and in about thirty minutes, the clothes are clean. Dolfi not only saves your hands and [...]

Shed Light on Your GoPro Video with Sidekick

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Every Hero needs a Sidekick and if you own a GoPro and have tried shooting video in low light and backlit conditions, your Sidekick will shed light on your most heroic moments. Sidekick comes in two varieties and uses a low-profile arm mounting next to the GoPro camera that is compatible with all GoPro mounts. The Cree U2 LED on both units delivers 600-lumens of light with 90-degrees of coverage. An additional 400-lumen spot on the Sidekick Duo targets light where it is [...]

The Levitating Mars Speaker Elevates Music Enjoyment

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Getting the best sound from a speaker means reducing vibration from contact with solid surfaces. CrazyBaby knows this, which is why their new portable speaker levitates. Mars Craft is a Bluetooth speaker system that delivers high fidelity sound in 360-degrees while impressively levitating above the subwoofer base. The speaker uses a neodymium motor system in combination with aptX audio codec compression to produce CD-like quality audio over wireless streaming. Up to two Mars systems can be controlled from the [...]

Retrofit Old Smoke Alarms with a Roost Smart Battery

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Even wired smoke detectors require a battery and when that battery gives up the ghost, usually in the middle of the night, the hunt is on to find the chirping device. Roost enables retrofitting of those old detectors making them smart in a few minutes. Roost is a smart battery in a tradition nine-volt form factor that quickly adds smart device connectivity to typical smoke detectors. It uses an internal lithium battery, not alkaline, to provide power and open up real estate inside [...]

Take Water Conserving Smart Showers with Eva

  Low-flow showerheads are frustrating, but so are high water bills and the guilt of sending water conservation ethics down the drain. Eva lets you shower smarter, saving water and money while providing a perfectly refreshing hot shower. Eva is a smart shower sensor that installs between the wall and your favorite showerhead automatically regulating water flow. Eva starts conserving from the moment you turn on the water to warm your shower by checking temperature, shutting off the flow and alerting that the shower is ready. Once inside, the system adjusts the flow based on your proximity to the [...]

Notion is Home Monitoring Beyond Typical Security Systems

  A smart home has typically been defined as a connected home but an intelligent home goes beyond connectivity allowing your house to alert and inform you of what is going on when you are not around. Notion is a new idea in home systems that allows for intelligent monitoring of your home far beyond usual security systems. At the center of the system is a Hub that plugs into a typical wall outlet and connects to your home Wi-Fi network. The workhorses of Notion are small and discrete tags that can be placed anywhere in your house and [...]

AnyMote Turns Smart Devices into Universal Remotes

  Check It Out or Buy on Amazon (Paid Link)   Universal remote controls get rid of controller clutter, but they still require multiple and repetitive button input. AnyMote is more than the typical universal remote, giving you complete control over all your devices. AnyMote is a 360-degree infrared bridge that works with a smart device application enabling one-touch control of multiple devices. It uses Bluetooth to pair with the smart device and can receive commands within a 200-foot range sending those commands to all devices in line of sight of the unit. AnyMote [...]