Access Critical Internet Information Anywhere with LanternThere is no question that the internet has changed how we learn, research and access information. Outernet will provide massive amounts of critical information to everyone with Lantern and without an internet connection.

Outernet has built a large core archive including reference sites like major news outlets, Wikipedia, educational courseware, books, music, videos and other critical internet content that it uploads to a satellite. Lantern is a small satellite signal receiver designed to pull down that collection and store the content on an internal hard drive giving anyone a complete reference library free of charge and free of censorship. The receiver is about the size of a small flashlight, charges using solar power and offers Wi-Fi connectivity meaning that in a disaster or information lock-down, access to key content will still be available when no internet access can be obtained.

The internal battery on Lantern will broadcast as a Wi-Fi hotspot for four hours and can even be used to charge other devices, acting as a small emergency power source. Outernet is also aware that not everyone will be able to buy a Lantern, so they are showing people how to build their own. If you prefer to pay for Lantern, you can grab a pair for just 185 bucks by backing their Indiegogo with delivery by mid-2015.

Check them out: Lantern by Outernet

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