Aerial Imagery Made Fun and Easy with EasyDroneA videographer or photographer does not necessarily want to design, build and modify a drone to carry their gear. What they need is a flight ready, out-of-the-box solution to grabbing breathtaking aerial images and that is the thinking behind EasyDrone.

EasyDrone is a modular system that sets up in a matter of minutes by connecting the carbon rods to create the frame and then plugging in the compact command unit. The command unit is programmed to handle any combination of motors and blades and will even auto-configure best settings without manual tuning. The drone can carry a GoPro or comparable weighted camera and with built-in gimbal control, camera power and wireless video streaming will make the most of any flight. Each flight depends on how many features are running with shorter flights of about twelve minutes with all systems enabled; slightly longer flights with everything disabled.

EasyDrone is designed to take down the barriers of aerial imagery so you can focus your attention on your creative inspiration without being an expert pilot. EasyDrone is targeting a late 2014 release and is currently seeking funds through Kickstarter to get the project off the ground with backers grabbing their own drone for around 900 bucks.

Check it out: EasyDrone