AirBulb Turns Any Lamp into a Wireless SpeakerWireless Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes and with the introduction of the AirBulb, they now come in different brightness.

AirBulb fits any standard socket providing light where you need it with six high-powered LEDs and bringing music to any room wirelessly as a light speaker. Setting up the AirBulb is almost as easy as changing a light bulb, just screw it in, download the free app and pair the bulb to your smart device. The application enables control of two AirBulbs for stereo sound, gives the ability to turn the light on, off or even set the mood with four different color and brightness temperatures. Several different notifications can be set within the app that will alert users of an incoming call, text, email or social posting and AirBulb can even act as an alarm to wake you up.

AirBulb is designed to be environmentally friendly with no mercury or halogens and is expected to hit the market late in 2014. AirBulb is currently seeking funds through Kickstarter and early adopters can pick up an AirBulb light speaker for a discount of the expected price of 69 bucks.

Check it out: AirBulb

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