Any Wall Becomes an Interactive Tablet with TouchPicoPitching a presentation to a room usually requires a laptop and a projector but what you really want is the interactivity of your smart device. Enter TouchPico, a projector that turns any wall into a giant touchscreen display.

TouchPico is an Android-based system that can project a streaming application or other content to an 80-inch display size on a wall or table. Content can be streamed from a smart device or through a Wi-Fi connection from a Mac or PC and with built in audio can even be used to project Skype calls. The real magic of TouchPico is in the hand-held stylus that emits an infrared signal that is tracked by the base unit allowing presenters to touch the projection and interact with their presentation just like using a tablet. The projection is displayed from the base at 40 frames-per-second at up to 80 lumens in brightness, all from a unit no larger than a typical smart phone.

TouchPico has applications beyond business presentations and can be used as a teaching aid, to play games or stream movies just about anywhere. TouchPico will retail for just under 500 bucks and is targeting a late 2014 release date; you can grab one for a huge discount by supporting their Indiegogo campaign.

Check it out: TouchPico

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